Cosmic Gouda

A New Cheese On The Block!

Night Sky Farm annouces a new cheese for the 2011 Farmer’s Markets!! COSMIC GOUDA is a fresh 100% Jersey Cow Milk Cheese with awesome flavor!  I wish I had an aging room or cave to age this cheese for 60 days because it would enhance the flavors even more! But, I don’t have that ability … Continue reading

Our Chevre

Our Total Farm CSA and Herd Shares

What is a CSA? A CSA is a symbiotic relationship between the farmer and the group’s members. The farmer pledges to produce the best products he or she can for the members and the members pledge to support the farmer through their shares. There is no corporation, no middle man, no one coming between the … Continue reading

Eirinne Cow

Two New Websites Under One Name!

Well, what else do you do during your “down” time? I do website work, plan gardens, schedule next year’s markets and other indoor type things. Oh yeah, I have to get those does bred too. We have 21 Senior does bred and 6 yearling does also positively pregnant! There are 8 more young girls in … Continue reading


Merry Christmas to All and Thank-you for giving Night Sky Farm another successful Year!

Well, it has been a while since I last posted and this Fall has seen some changes and additions. The first is that Night Sky Farm now has a newsletter which is sent out to those who sign up on a monthly schedule. We also now, accept all major credit cards at all the markets … Continue reading

Feed Detail

We’ve Made The Switch ~ To Peanut Power!

Yep ~ a new feed for the dairy and we are just about transistioned over to it. This is a minimum 16% protein rated, textured feed consisting predominately whole grains and PEANUTS for protein and not a bit of soy! Nowhere – Nohow, no hulls, not ground, zero – zilch – nada. I feel really … Continue reading

100% Jersey BUTTER

Oh Boy ~ So Much Going On, So Little Time…….

WE HAVE BUTTER! Perfect 40z bars of “table butter” for you holiday enteraining! Sweet Cream butter and a hint of sea salt molded in our Medieval Flowers tray mold. They are vacuum sealed, frozen and thawed only when ready to use. Find our butter at the St.Stephen’s Farmer’s Market and offered on the new St. … Continue reading


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