WOW! What a Whirlwind!

Eirinne Cow

It’s been a whirlwind of 3 weeks! My Brutus has found a new herd to reign over and a whole family of La Manchas ( Mother and 2 daughters )  left for their new home: together! The woman who bought them adores each and every one. She said the butterfat content in their milk is exceptional! Many, many bucklings and the 3 yearling bucks have moved out, leaving me with Karisma’s 2010  buckling, Equinox, a Nibbie son out of a WIllow Run doe in 2009, Shadow, the Pine Springs 2009 La Mancha, Cosimc Brownie my Smooth Operator grandson from 2009, Hans Solo, a 2009 American Alpine from Walnut Fork in W.VA and of course, our Nibbie, Bonnie Blue Sir Nibbler. Nibbie is our AI bred Companeros Cascade buck. Then, Night Sky Farm is leasing French Alpine, Tempo Aquila Bold Type from Rianbow Colors Farm to recreate a Bandit, the 2 yr old buck I sold last year who was a Bold Type son and with any luck give me some wonderful doe kids! He should arrive mid-October and will be available for use through November 2010. Just send me an email if you wish to book a breeding. Pictures of his daughters can be found on my FACEBOOK in the photos section. Listed the album: Bold Type Daughters please check them out!

We still have 3 Alpine does for sale and 3 Alpine doe kids, 1 Alpine buck kid, 2 La Mancha doe kids and 1-2 Grade La Mancha does, and one Grade La Mancha buckling still on milk. Our first kids are due 5 November and some each month thereafter till June! Annabelle Clover is still very large and is getting ready. EIrinne Cow is for sale and our dear, Emily Cow is due 1 February 2011. I want to get down to 2 milking cows.

Emily Cow
Annabelle Clover Cow

Today, I made 15 lbs of feta, and many, many lbs. of chevre. Tomorrow, I will work on the 100% Jersey milk and pasteurize it for Fresh Cream Cheese, Havarti and Cheddar.

Also, need to replenlish our stock of lotion, lip balm and laundry soap! Lavender Mint, Chamomile Sage and Saharan Sandalwood are on deck.


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