We’ve Made The Switch ~ To Peanut Power!

Yep ~ a new feed for the dairy and we are just about transistioned over to it. This is a minimum 16% protein rated, textured feed consisting predominately whole grains and PEANUTS for protein and not a bit of soy! Nowhere – Nohow, no hulls, not ground, zero – zilch – nada. I feel really good about this feed and the goats really like it too. They eat slower and seem to be enjoying the pace. This is produced by a relatively local feed company in Lawrence, NC named Performance Feed and it is delivered to the farm monthly. The company also blends cattle feed, poultry feed and offers whole grains. All of my does are pretty much in late lactation, getting bred or are bred and drying off, so this was the best time to make a feed switch and get them on it before their next kiddings. The dairy’s milk production has even gone up a little bit to average between 7.5 – 8 gallons on 17 does milking. One first freshening yearling is only going in the tank on her evening milking (she has been nursing her kid). I have not started the cows on this feed yet, they are still eating the 16% dairy pellet. I tried giving Eirinne some one evening and she choked on it eating too fast, then spit it out. Darn cow! Eirinne leaves the end of October for her new farm and then I may try Emily and Annabelle Clover on the new feed. Emily is due to dry off by the first week of December with a due date of February 1, 2011.

Performance Feed
Feed Detail




You can see the peanuts, cottonseed, cracked corn, textured protein pellets etc. The girls, big and small are enjoying this feed. There is also a substancial monetary savings with this feed over what we were feeding before and the savings allows me to pay off my hay man ( in pieces, but bigger ones)!

Fall has officially arrived in my book. I don’t really like it much because it means cooler weather, ramping up of the ongoing wood project, fence and barn construction, and the constant bellowing and arguing of does in heat! Bred Sweetie yesterday to my big Saanen, Nibbie. I am really liking those crossbred does. We will have some Nupines born next year, I am using Sugar Bear on a few of the Alpines to increase overall butterfat content of the mil. Here is a pic of some of Nibbie’s kids – Goats-in-waiting is what we call these girls! Three Nibbie Saanens, 2 Chribrydon Nubians and a Saanen/Alpine doe, Morning Glory.

Those Girls!

They hold a lot of promise for the dairy! Breeding them in late winter, January – early February 2011. I already have 6 -7 yearlings freshening this winter and at least 3 of them will be for sale late spring.  Now, I am ahead of myself! Market Day tomorrow – Back to Work with me!


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