The Cow/Goat Share Program

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In a cow or goat share agreement, shareholders pay a fee    for maintenance of the dairy animal (cow or goat), for caring for the animals, milking the animals and handling the milk from the cow/goat. The shareholder then obtains (but does not purchase) the milk from either the goat or the cow. Jennifer Downey, owner of Night Sky Farm is The Farmer.

“It is agreed and understood by the Shareholder that their interest in the Animals (cow or goat) is a limited interest  and that the interest purchased by the Shareholder does not convey or vest in the Shareholder sole ownership of of any particular Cow/Goat in the Herd. It is further agreed and understood that the specific Cow/Goats in the Herd may change over time as Cow/Goats die or as the Farmer adds to or deletes from the Herd at her sole and absolute discretion; however, the Farmer shall not be obligated to add to the Herd to replace a Cow/Goat that dies, but may do so at her discretion. The Farmer breeds all the animals on the farm and retains sole ownership of all offspring.”
Night Sky Farm will not be held liable under any circumstances should an individual become ill. Consumption of raw milk shall be done at your own risk.

Night Sky Farm charges an initial fee of $50 to purchase a share. The share is a one-time only purchase per each contract and is non-refundable. This contract, except the share purchase, is automatically renewed every 3 months and only at renewal is the maintenance fee is permitted to be recalculated to reflect any increase or decrease in monthly costs. Share ownership may be sold and the current contract transferred to a new owner at your discretion.

Night Sky Farm charges $108.00 per cow share or $152.00 per goat share for the contract period. There are no refunds, whether or not you received milk that week. For example; you forgot, the cow has been dried off or delivery not possible due to weather etc. If a delivery day is skipped due to emergency or weather canceling my trip to Richmond, I will make every effort to re-schedule a pick up time/place convenient to the majority of shareholders. The contract fee includes charges for feed, housing, veterinary care and dairy services. For the cow/goat share, the shareholder is entitled to a weekly (1) gallon of milk. In addition, the shareholder is required to purchase a minimum of 6 half gallon wide mouth jars with the single white plastic lid. I can assist you in locating these if you have difficulty. Desiring multiple gallons per week translates to multiple cow or goat herd shares. MILK RECEIVED FROM A COW OR GOAT SHARE CANNOT BE SOLD. If the shareholder would like some fresh eggs, cheese, butter or even goat milk soap; product can be substituted, with advance notice, dollar for dollar the amount of milk they want swapped. Should the Shareholder want a more expensive item such as a pastured chicken or a cut of Night Sky Farm pork, the Shareholder will pay the difference in cost. If you fail to pick up your milk as scheduled, you can not ask for a substitution. You can ask for more milk the following week, if it’s available.

Delivery of milk is possible, but not guaranteed for an added charge of $2.50 (subject to change) per share per delivery. This is NOT INCLUDED in the contract fee. Delivery fees are payable each delivery day. Ask me where I deliver milk each week. You can always pick up on the farm. If you are interested in becoming a member of my cow/goat share program, please send me an email at



1 thought on “The Cow/Goat Share Program

  1. Herd share how wonderful!!!! I wish I were closer so that I could participate. How about chicken share too? Guess that really wouldn’t work too well long distance either…. ohhh I really wish I were closer…. but I guess I will have to settle for long distance stories via the web, your soaps and lotions and cheeses via the mail…. best of luck on the herd sharing program … I am with you in spirit!

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