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Oh Boy ~ So Much Going On, So Little Time…….

WE HAVE BUTTER! Perfect 40z bars of “table butter” for you holiday enteraining! Sweet Cream butter and a hint of sea salt molded in our Medieval Flowers tray mold. They are vacuum sealed, frozen and thawed only when ready to use. Find our butter at the St.Stephen’s Farmer’s Market and offered on the new St. Stephen’s Online Market! Yes, a new co-op in Richmond, info to join is on their website. Many of the regular vendors present at the market will be offering their products with the new online market as well. Thursday is the day for delivery and pick up, same as our Fall Line, so for me the logistics work and I can offer more of my products! I will be putting up all my cheeses, butter, soap and bath products, and our WASH TIME Eco-Friendly Laundry Soap too. Look to the new online market for you Holiday gifts, but you have to be a member to purchase or browse the offerings.


100% Jersey BUTTER


The new addition is an electric BUTTER CHURN! Of course, I could only find what I needed in Alberta, CANADA!   A Gem Dandy 1 gallon churn. All I could find here if they did small amounts were in rough shape and all the new ones did a minimum of 2.5 gallons and were on the pricey side. I should have it next week which will greatly aid butter-making!


Butter Churn


Not to mention that ALL the does are cycling and I am breeding them in rotation. We will have lovely La Mancha, Alpine, Alpine/Saanen and Alpine/Nubian crosses, Nubian and Saanen babies next spring, many of which will be for sale. I have kept 2 reg. Alpine bucks, 2 reg. Saanen bucks, 2 reg. Nubian bucks and 1 La Mancha buck. Also, I am bringing in a French Alpine buck for late-October and  all of November to be used on at least 4 of my does. He is Tempo Aquila Bold Type and I have some of his lineage already in my herd. He will stand at Night Sky Farm for the time he is here for outside breeding. If you are interested in using him please send me an email. He has a reasonable service fee.

Production is remaining steady with 7 gallons of Jersey milk and 7 – 8 gallons of goat milk daily! We will be milking through the winter so far. Our first senior doe, Cranberry is due 5 November, none in December and several due January/February 2011. Oh, what a circle, it will be back to feeding kids again.

I would like to introduce you to Stella and Camille! They are handily taking care of all the extra milk and whey generated by the dairy. They will be in residence through the winter and early spring. I am actively searching for a breeding pair of American Guinea Hogs, small, prefectly sized farmstead pigs!


Stella & Camille


Stella is the banded one and Camille is the black beauty! That is mud on her snout. They were not terribly friendly for the first few days, but now I can scratch both of them without a bark. Camille actully barked at me the first couple of times I reached out to her!

So much to do, so little of me!